About Us

Companion Care Partners LLC is a fully-independent and locally-based home care provider in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are happy to be part of the community and be given the opportunity to make lives better with home care.

Background Information on the Founders

Jamal Strange
At a very young age, I knew I wanted to help people. But what I didn’t not know was how to go about doing so. After talking with my guidance counselor in high school she suggested that I take CNA classes. I went through the training and got licensed and absolutely fell in love with caring for the sick. I took that one step further and obtained degrees in nursing at a high level. While working in the hospital setting I realized that, this is what I wanted to do, to purely bring joy to those in need. However one thing I noticed is that most patients rather be in the comfort of their own home then a hospital. That’s when the idea hit me. Home health Care. I help founded Companion Care Partners LLC with the promise to all show justice and advocate for my clients.

Senior on a wheelchair accompanied by a caregiverJames Grant
At the end of my beloved grandmother’s life, what mattered most was the type of care she received from healthcare professionals. I felt like some health care professionals were providing just a fee for service, that didn’t include compassionate care. In some instances, it felt like the healthcare system was broken. I wanted to make sure people without voices got the type of care you would receive from a relative as opposed to a service that felt like a transaction. That experience inspired me to become an agent of change by starting a company that focused on treating individuals with the same exact care my grandmother spoke about.


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