Our Commitment to LGBT

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Our Mission Statement

We, at Companion Care Partners LLC are committed to providing outstanding care and services to all of our clients. Our company is built on the principles of fidelity, justice, integrity, and honor; at which each and every client is treated with these principles. We strive to deliver high-quality cost effective care one interaction at a time.
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Companion Care Supporting LGBT

LGBT seniors tend to live alone and separate from biological family members. Some LGBT persons have chosen not to have children or undergo gender change procedures, and therefore may be seeking care on their own. we have helpepd fill this void for care and support with our Care Companions

Our Commitment to LGBT Clients
  • Our staff will treat you in a friendly and professional manner and with the highest level of confidentiality.
  • We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and bias free environment.
  • We support and respect our clients being about their sexual orientation and gender identity.
Why Coose Us

We are an equal opportunity employer who strives to hire individuals of diverse backgrounds. We provide annual inclusive diversity training for our staff throughout the year. We proudly service the LGBT Community.
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